Can a Sleep Specialist Stop Me From Snoring?

If you are snoring, visit a sleep specialist. We can help you to breathe better at night so that you can sleep peacefully and your partner can get rest again. Snoring may not seem like a big deal unless you struggle with it. The loud noise it makes can disrupt your sleep patterns and prevent you from entering a deep sleep. It can also impact those around you, creating unnecessary tension in the morning. Fortunately, we specialize in treating this common condition and can help you.

Why People Snore

If you only recently started to snore, you may have an infection or illness that should be treated with antibiotics. This is the first place to look. If, for example, you have a sinus infection, your airways can become blocked and you can start to snore. This also happens to people during allergy season. Consider the external and internal factors to identify whether or not your snoring is a temporary issue that will go away or if it is a unique condition. The easiest way to tell is to wait until you are no longer sick and see if you are still snoring. Additionally, some people tend to snore after drinking too much alcohol before bed. If this is a habit, you may want to cut back for your snoring and your health. If there is no other reason for your snoring, you probably have a version of obstructive sleep apnea. This happens when the muscles in your lower jaw are not strong enough to hold it in place while you sleep. As a result, your jaw and tongue fall backwards, and your tongue blocks your airways. This can cause you to spend the night gasping for air, choking and trying to move your tongue out of place – leading to snoring sounds.

A Sleep Specialist Can Determine if You Have Sleep Apnea

We can conduct a sleep study to determine if you have obstructive sleep apnea. This can generally be done in the comfort of your own home. We can then review the results the next day, make a determination and begin treating you. The process is far more simple than diagnosing other medical conditions. Fortunately, the treatment is also easy to use.

How a Sleep Specialist Prevents Snoring

If you have sleep apnea, we will make an impression of your mouth and take measurements that are then sent to a lab for your removable oral appliance to be created. This resembles a full retainer and is made of durable yet comfortable plastic. Since it goes in your mouth, it is important to have a perfect fit. You simply put it in your mouth at night and the upper and lower portion hook together so that your jaw remains in place, where it belongs. By not allowing your jaw to fall backwards, your tongue is held in place as well. This way your airways can remain clear throughout the night and your snoring should stop. Since the appliance slips inside of your mouth, it is discreet and comfortable, making it an easy to use solution.