Sleep apnea patients struggle with treatment despite knowing that their CPAP or BiPAP machines are life-saving devices. Newer treatments are entering the market all the time, but the trouble with many of these newer treatments is that they can’t record data the same way that CPAP or BiPAP machines can. Additionally, the newer machines can transmit data via Wi-Fi signals directly to the pulmonologist’s office, while other devices can’t even record. Spark Sleep Solutions offers better oral appliance therapy.

The SomnoDent with Compliance Recorder device is shown how it would fit orally in a patient’s mouth.

Oral Appliance Therapy Is Different

Imagine if you didn’t have to wear a mask to bed. A lot of sleep apnea patients would be thrilled with this option, but it isn’t exactly doable in most instances. However, the latest oral appliance therapy is very different. This is a device you wear to bed, like a mouthguard, but it has a built-in means of recording your sleep habits and your apnea/hypopnea occurrences. 

Devices built into the mouthpiece record movement, changes in temperature, etc. It has a tiny recorder that transmits compliance data to a proprietary reader. The data shows how often you wore the device, how long you wore it each night, and several other factors. Knowing exactly how effective the mouthpiece is for you (and other patients like you) helps doctors determine whether to continue this form of therapy.

It Beats Out Other Sleep Apnea Solutions

How many positives can you spot with this form of sleep apnea therapy? Well, it has multiple advantages over other sleep apnea solutions. For example, it can:

  • Travel is easier, no need to inspect at an airport TSA checkpoint, and no travel bag is needed
  • Remain tamper-proof because it is molded to fit ONLY your mouth and no one else’s
  • Fit in your carry-on or purse in a denture cup
  • Be cleaned with a toothbrush and a little toothpaste without hurting the mini-recorder built into it.
  • Transmit recorded data directly to the doctor’s office
  • Last for up to five years with its lengthy battery life

Past research studies showed that this device worked for all or almost all of the test subjects, with just minor complaints about the fit of the device in the mouth. When given the option of wearing something in the mouth all night versus having to wear a sleep mask, most patients preferred the oral therapy device to the mask. They felt as though the oral device was easier to wear and less uncomfortable than ill-fitting CPAP masks.

Do You Want to See If the Oral Therapy Device Will Work for You?

If you just can’t wear the sleep masks at night, or your sleep is frequently interrupted and hindered by a CPAP mask, come see the experts at Spark Sleep Solutions. They can explain how this device works and evaluate and fit you for the device.