Treating Sleep Apnea In The Bay Area

As a Physician I did a lot of research and investigating in seeking help with my sleep problems. I found the Doctors at Spark to be exceptional. I would continue with my care at Spark Sleep Solutions and would also referral my patients with the upmost confidence.
Terry L Franklin MD FAAFP, San Jose, CA 5-Star review posted to

Friendly, knowledgeable staff that efficiently and professionally fitted my wife and me for sleep aides. Clearly explained each step of the way and the options available to us.
Gerald, San Ramon, CA 4-Star review posted to

I felt Dr. Shah was quite knowledgeable and appreciated that he listened to what I was saying about what I was doing for myself to help with sleep, and about the problems I’d had with the CPAP. He carefully explained about the device he was recommending and why that particular model.
Anonymous, San Ramon, CA 5-Star review posted to

Was sent here by my Kaiser med plan. From day one everyone was kind, helpful and understanding to my needs. Product I need is “top-drawer” and easy to use. Thanks crew.
Bev, San Jose, CA 5-Star review posted to Facebook

Excellent experience. Staff- Kathy Angelina and Doctor Shah were attentive, patient and professional. Kathy was very. helpful and patient with registration. Angelina was attentive and supportive. Dr. Shah was professional and thorough. All questions were answered. Great experience. . .
John, San Jose, CA 5-Star review posted to Demandforce

I am completely satisfied with all facets of Spark Sleep, including having Dr. S Shah treat my sleep apnea. I appreciate his professionalism and patience and I do recommend him highly to others… The entire staff is attentive to my needs as a patient. I am very thankful for their Santa Cruz office hours so that I don’t have to drive over the hill.
Anonymous, Santa Cruz, CA 5-Star review posted to

Dr. Shah is very thorough, affable and smart. He was able to explain the various options for snoring and sleep apnea. The device I received works amazing. Snoring has disappeared!
Rob G, San Jose, CA 5-Star review posted to

Had my initial consultation yesterday. The staff and Dr. Shah were wonderful. They made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks!
Susan, San Jose, CA 5-Star review posted to Demandforce

Very helpful and pleasant staff. Dr. Shah explains the process each step of the way and is very easy to talk to about your issues with sleep apnea. Anyone considering an oral device should check out Dr. Shah.
William, San Jose, CA 5-Star review posted to Demandforce

I have seen Dr. Michelle Jehenson twice now and absolutely love her. I was told by a previous doctor that I needed to have TMJ surgery, which is very risky, painful and takes a long time to heal from. Dr. Jehenson told me that she could help me with physical therapy. She was absolutely right. My jaw movement is much better, I can bite and chew without pain and the swelling and discomfort have gone down almost completely. I highly advise getting a second opinion if someone recommends TMJ surgery. And I also highly recommend Dr. Jehenson. She is lovely, patient, informative and provided a great solution for my issues.
Linda, Santa Cruz, CA 5-Star review posted to

Everyone was very kind and helpful. Thank you for a good experience. I have one suggestion. There needs to be more explanation on the 8 turns one a day on the appliance. The book shows 8 settings and I was under the impression that the 8 turns would take me to the 8th setting shown in the book. As I did one turn each day the appliance didn’t seem to advance at all and it was concerning as I was comparing the example in the booklet with the oral instructions given. Hope this makes sense. I straightened it out with a phone call. Thank you.
Lorraine, Santa Cruz, CA 5-Star review posted to Google

Love the friendly & helpful staff plus short waiting time to see Dr Shah. Life has been hectic & big help. Dr Shah & assistant always so calm in their interactions with me. Appreciated.
Rose, San Jose, CA 5-Star review posted to Birdeye