Don’t Like Your CPAP? Try a New CPAP Alternative

We provide a CPAP alternative that can make it comfortable and convenient to treat your sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a common and serious condition that impacts adults of all ages. It occurs when the muscles are too weak, causing the lower jawbone to fall backwards along with the tongue while a person is sleeping. As the tongue falls backwards, the airway is blocked. As a result, a person will spend the night gasping for breath and getting very little oxygen as they do. The next morning, this makes a person feel incredibly tired and often too exhausted to perform normal, daily activities.

If you are so tired that you have nodded off during dinner, can’t stay up for a movie, or have difficulty driving home from work – you could have obstructive sleep apnea. Whether you have already been diagnosed with the condition or simply think that you have it, we recommend that you visit our sleep clinic.

Many people visit us after being diagnosed with sleep apnea and being unsatisfied with the results of their CPAP machines. A CPAP machine is the most commonly prescribed solution for treating sleep apnea. While it is effective and will provide you with the oxygen you need while sleeping, it has many drawbacks causing some people to give up on using it. If you are in that situation – we can’t blame you. In fact, we understand how uncomfortable it can be and offer a CPAP alternative that you can try instead.

A traditional CPAP machine is just that – a machine. This means that it can be loud, bulky, and uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. Some people don’t even like to sleep with the covers on, let alone a mask on their face. With that in mind, our solution is small and simply fits inside of your mouth. That’s it. There is no machine, no noise, and no embarrassing face masks. This means that you can move around at night and sleep next to your spouse, without disturbing them.

Our CPAP alternative is a removable oral appliance that is created by taking measurements of your mouth and making an impression of it. That information is then sent to the dental lab so that a removable appliance can be made to your exact specifications. It looks similar to a full upper and lower retainer. The difference is that it is connected so that when you wear it at night, your jaw will be held in place. This simple device holds your jaw in position so that your tongue cannot fall backwards, and your airway will remain clear. All you need to do is slip it in at night to breathe clearly and wake up with more energy the next day.

Since the appliance is as small as a retainer or set of dentures, you can take it with you on vacation without needing to pack a second carry on bag like you would with a CPAP machine. Overall, this is a more preferable and convenient option, and we recommend that you try it in order to improve your health.