Dr. Shah Donates Time & Expertise To People In Need

The CDA Foundation reports that, “An estimated 10 million Californians experience barriers to dental care.” This number is staggering and shows that dental care is truly needed by our community. As we’ve stated before, dental health is vital to proper oral health and overall health. Proper dental care can have long lasting influence on an individual’s health and longevity. We, at Spark Sleep Solutions, could no longer stand on the sidelines and let patients in need continue to have their health decline.

Dr. Shah, along with 2,000 plus other volunteers, participate in CDA Cares events to provide dental care to people in need. At the latest event in Stockton, at which Dr. Shah participated, he joined 2,544 other volunteers to provide 14,178 procedures to the 2,000 plus patients in attendance. This was truly a humbling experience for all volunteers and Dr. Shah was ecstatic to participate to provide his expertise. Though many patients get procedures such as tooth extractions, having sleep experts attend, such as Dr. Shah, allows the CDA Foundation to continue to expand its offerings and help an even wider range of patients with more services. Dr. Shah is well-equipped to handle questions and topics concerning sleep disorders and with the CDA Foundation, we’re confident that patients will get an even greater benefit for their overall health.

Watch what one patient, Patricia, had to say about the event—this had us in tears.

What You Can Do To Help

If this has impacted you on a deep level, as it has for us, please learn more about the great work the CDA Foundation is doing. Lastly, if you would like to support others in need, please consider donating to this excellent cause.

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