Dr. Shah’s Key Note Lecture On Sleep Apnea

Dr. Srujal Shah’s Inspiring Lecture At Sleep Group Solutions 2016

It’s not everyday that sleep patients get to experience having work done by a Diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Luckily, patients of Spark Sleep Solutions led by Dr. Shah get that experience. Seen as an expert in his field, he was asked to speak at Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) two-day event in Sacramento, CA late September 2016.

What Is SGS? And What Was Their Event About?

Sleep Group Solutions provides continuing education courses and in-house training regarding sleep apnea and related dental treatments to practitioners and doctors. With this continued education, SGS strives to ensure that professionals are well-equipped with up to date knowledge to provide their patients with the most relevant information. Further, the SGS recognizes the disparity of education among dental providers as compared to the number of cases of sleep apnea and is actively trying to close this gap so every patient has a chance to be seen by a well-equipped doctor. Learn more about Sleep Group Solutions.

As for Dr. Shah’s role in all of this, he was the keynote speaker at this two-day conference, and spent the entire event hosting seminars and teaching classes to his fellow sleep apnea practitioners. Covering a wide variety of topics, Dr. Shah offered his knowledge to help other practices fight the good fight against sleep apnea, using FDA approved CPAP alternative treatments.

A Word From SGS’s Vice President

John Nadeau, Vice President of Sleep Group Solutions, stated, “By working with great practitioners like Dr. Shah and our other instructors we have an unparalleled team of wet-finger dental sleep medicine experts with hundreds of years of combined experience.” Dr. Shah was excited to be able to give back to the SGS, as quoted saying, “I am excited to give back to the SGS program that gave me the education and skills that have helped me build a successful dental sleep medical practice.”

What Sets Spark Sleep Solutions Apart?

Dr. Shah was early to recognize that their was a need for dental sleep solutions. He shifted his practice to focus solely on sleep solutions and has not looked back since. He’s quoted here saying, “Transitioning my practice to 100% sleep medicine and improving my patient’s quality of life, is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” Additionally, Spark Sleep Solutions provides only CPAP alternatives, which are meant to provide the most comfortable experience while solving your sleep apnea or snoring. No more clunky CPAP machines that often inhibit a patient’s natural way of sleeping.

Contact Your Bay Area Sleep Solutions Expert

You can feel confident that you’re being seen by an expert at Spark Sleep Solutions for your potential sleep disorder. Do not let another night go to waste because of unrestful sleep. With four offices in San Jose, San Ramon, Santa Cruz, and Los Gatos, you can be sure that we do our best to provide convenience for our patients because we understand you’re busy schedule. If you’d like to get a restful night’s sleep, give us a call at (408) 490-0182 to schedule an appointment with us.
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