Here Are Some of the Conditions Treated in a Sleep Disorders Center

At our sleep disorders center, we help patients that are suffering from various sleep disorders. The ability to breathe clearly while sleeping is essential for overall wellbeing both during sleep and while being awake. Those, that cannot get enough oxygen while they sleep, are likely to be exhausted during the day. Some people are so affected by the loss of oxygen during sleep that they find it difficult to focus, drive, or handle normal business activities. This leads to a loss of productivity, income and safety for many people.

Fortunately, we can help, and it starts by identifying if the issues is indeed related to a lack of oxygen while sleeping. In many cases, a person’s lower jaw and tongue will fall backward during sleep. As they do the airways become blocked, making it difficult for people to breathe freely. Many people snore, as a result, while others are actively gasping for breath without even knowing it.

In our sleep disorders center, we often treat the following:

Snoring. This can be an annoyance for both the individual patient and their spouse. If your are considering separate bedrooms or wearing ear plugs, it is probably time to seek professional help. There is a common misconception that snoring can’t be treated. It actually can and since snoring often occurs due to the jaw and tongue falling backward, simply preventing this can also prevent snoring that is unrelated to being sick. After all, when many people snore it is simply because they are trying to get oxygen, and something is in the way preventing them from doing so.

Sleep Apnea. This is a serious condition that can impact a persons’ ability to live life fully. Severe sleep apnea typically impacts people to such a degree that their overall health starts to suffer significantly. Relationships can suffer as well because those suffering from sleep apnea typically fall asleep extremely early. In many cases, this is treated by wearing a CPAP machine. This machine is loud and can be uncomfortable since an oxygen mask has to be worn while sleeping. The mask has a tube that is connected to the machine, making the entire experience uncomfortable for everyone in the room.

We have a simple solution for people that suffer from these conditions. Instead of an invasive procedure or making patients wear a large, bulky CPAP machine, we can have a removable oral appliance created instead. This is made after an impression is taken of the mouth and teeth. They can come in different styles so that we can customize one to fit you perfectly. An oral appliance typically looks like a full retainer that is attached. Where plastic retainers typically are two separate pieces, this is one unit that snaps into place. It holds the jaw in place when worn. As a result, your jaw and tongue cannot fall backward which leaves the airways completely open so that you can breathe freely and easily. To find out if you have one of these conditions or could benefit from our help, schedule an appointment with our sleep disorders center today.