Learn About A CPAP Alternative That Really Works

By offering a CPAP alternative, we are helping patient to breathe better and get the rest that they need. For people living with sleep apnea, finding the right treatment is important to being able to enjoy life. Without the ability to breathe clearly at night, people wake up feeling exhausted, tired, weak and unable to complete normal daily activities at home or work. Some people even report being unable to drive due to such heavy fatigue. The CPAP machine has been the traditional form of treatment and can make it possible to enjoy life as it becomes easier to breathe, and therefore sleep, at night.

Unfortunately, CPAP machines are uncomfortable. They are typically big and bulky and can make you feel like you are hooked up to a hospital oxygen mask. Sleeping while wearing it can be incredibly hard to do since most people want to relax at night, rather than stay in one position while wearing a foreign object. As a result, around half of the patients prescribed this treatment will stop using it after three weeks. While they do work, the level of discomfort is simply not worth it for many patients.

Understanding that this was not a perfect solution for many people, alternatives were invented by the dental community. We offer a CPAP alternative that eliminates many of the common complaints that people have when wearing the machine. Our alternative is small, convenient, and comfortable. In our sleep clinic, we fit patients with a removable oral appliance that they can wear at night without the discomfort.

These appliances look like a cross between a clear retainer and dentures. They are customized for each patient to ensure the perfect and most comfortable fit. The upper and lower portion fit together in order to hold the jaw in place. This is the key to the treatment because breathing problems typically occur when the lower jaw falls backward. As it does, the tongue also falls backwards and blocks the airways. This makes it difficult to breathe at night and by simply holding the jaw in place, this risk is eliminated.

Our CPAP alternative can fit in the palm of your hand instead of taking up valuable closet space. You can put it in a case and carry it in your purse or pack it in your carryon luggage, making it easy to transport and take with you when traveling. This is compared to the bulky CPAP machine that practically needs its own suitcase. Since our solution is so small, it also makes it more comfortable to share a bed with your spouse. They will probably sleep easier since you won’t be snoring like you used to, and the noise from the CPAP machine will be eliminated. Both of you will sleep more soundly when wearing a removable oral appliance, an excellent CPAP alternative.

In some cases, patients need to use an oral appliance and the machine. To find out which solution will work best for you, call our office and schedule a consultation.