Visit Our Sleep Disorders Clinic to Get Treatment for Your Snoring or Sleep Apnea

In our local sleep disorders clinic, we work with patients that suffer from snoring and sleep apnea. This isn’t simply an inconvenience. When people snore or have sleep apnea, it means that they are not getting the amount of air that they need in order to breathe clearly while sleeping. This can pose a health risk and make a person feel exhausted even after a full night’s sleep.

We offer a variety of solutions that can help. Before making a recommendation we ask people to schedule an office visit and have testing completed so that we can measure how well they are breathing. This can be done using sleep study equipment at home or having testing completed in our office. We let patients decide what method they feel would be the most convenient for them. With children or those with other health issues, the ability to have the test done at home is extremely convenient.

In our sleep disorders clinic, we use cutting edge technology to help diagnose and treat our patients. For example, we use painless airway testing equipment with the Pharyngometer and Rhinometer. This is a simple and convenient way to get the readings that we need without causing our patients any discomfort.

Once we have the information necessary to make a diagnosis, we will make a suggestion for the type of treatment you should have in order to start to breathe better. We typically recommend that you start by wearing a removable oral appliance. There are many varieties that you can try, and they are comfortable enough to help you sleep better, rather than keeping you up at night.

An oral appliance works by holding your jaw in the proper position. Many sleep problems are created when the lower jaw falls backwards, and the tongue falls with it, blocking the airways. By holding your jaw in the proper position, your tongue will stay put and no longer obstruct your airways. This is one of the easiest ways to address the issue because it is non-invasive. No surgery is required, there is no recovery time and it is affordable.

If you need further treatment, we may recommend a combination treatment with an oral appliance and a CPAP machine. A combination treatment is helpful for people with severe sleep apnea and will ensure that they get the air that they need while staying more comfortable than they would with a CPAP machine alone. In fact, many people have experienced a decrease in blood pressure by wearing both. Additionally, any leaks or discomfort from the CPAP machine should be reduced or eliminated.

In our Sleep Disorders Clinic, we work with your insurance company, primary care physician and anyone else involved in your health care, in order to coordinate treatment. This is helpful for ensuring that you experience the best results and that your insurance covers your treatment. We are an expert sleep dentist, and our goal is to help our patients to feel better and sleep well. By getting more sleep you will feel refreshed in the morning and by reducing your snoring, your spouse will too.