Can Sleep Apnea Go Away on Its Own?

As your experts when it comes to sleep apnea in Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and San Ramon, we at Spark Sleep Solutions want to do all we can to help our patients who have sleep apnea. We want to both help you sleep better as well as improve your quality of life. That’s why we want you to always feel free to come to us if you have any questions or concerns about sleep apnea; your sleep apnea doctor will always be glad to help! In fact, we’d like to take the time to discuss one question about sleep apnea that we frequently receive: “Can sleep apnea go away on its own?”

Can Sleep Apnea Be Left Alone?

Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that will very rarely go away on its own. This is problematic because there are many risks of sleep apnea if it’s left untreated. Just a sample of some of the health problems that it can cause include:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure

The vast majority of patients will need some kind of intervention to help keep sleep apnea under control and safeguard their health. Thankfully, we at Spark Sleep Solutions are able to provide many different treatments for sleep apnea.

Treating Sleep Apnea

The most common treatment of sleep apnea is through a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device. However, this type of treatment is uncomfortable for many patients and can make it much more difficult for them to sleep (especially since the masks don’t allow them to sleep easily on their stomach). While they need to be worn nightly, many patients don’t follow through on that because using the CPAP device is such a hassle. That’s why we at Spark Sleep Solutions have provided our patients in Los Gatos, San Jose, San Ramon, and Santa Cruz with alternatives to CPAP devices.

Our treatment options include oral devices that really couldn’t be any easier and more comfortable to use! With our oral appliance therapy, you’ll be able to keep your sleep apnea under control just by placing an oral device in your mouth that’s not much different than a mouthguard. Some of the many benefits of our oral devices are as follows:

  • They’re a non-invasive treatment and FDA-approved.
  • You’ll be able to sleep comfortably in any position.
  • They’re easy to take along when you need to travel.
  • You can speak easily when they’re in.
  • It’s simple to clean them.
  • You won’t have to replace any of their parts, which saves you from recurring costs.

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