Effects of Poor Sleep on Your Work Performance

We’re all familiar with the feeling of wanting to sleep a bit longer rather than getting up and going to work. Some days, it’s just hard to get going—whether due to a poor night’s sleep, staying up too late the night before, or simply not having energy. Unfortunately, some people face this reality every day. It’s widely understood that poor quality sleep, or a lack of sleep, can have negative effects on our physical and mental wellness—which impacts our personal and professional lives. How does poor sleep affect work performance specifically? Keep reading to find out.

Impaired Cognitive Ability

Sleep is restorative and helps our brains function at their optimal cognitive capacity. A lack of good quality sleep makes it more difficult to focus and communicate, two essential functions for any job. It also contributes to memory loss, reduces alertness and decreases problem-solving abilities within the brain. This may result in lower quality work, missed deadlines, reduced efficiency, and other problems.

Negative Workplace Environment

Sleep deprivation can cause problems with workplace relationships, whether among co-workers or in relation to supervisors. When an employee is sleep-deprived, he or she may be more cranky, moody, and less rational. This may cause them to react emotionally or behave rudely toward colleagues, creating a negative work environment. Tension in the workplace increases stress and reduces productivity, which impacts the entire company.

Increased Stress

Work problems can lead to more stress, both professionally and personally. Stress, in turn, can make sleep problems worse, leading to more anxiety. Bedtime can start to become its own source of stress, causing an employee to worry whether they will be able to fall asleep, or how much sleep they will get. Sleep problems that impact the professional environment can wreak havoc on a person’s life, creating an endless cycle of poor sleep, anxiety, work problems, and more poor sleep.

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