What Are My Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start during sleep. At Spark Sleep Solutions, we take sleep apnea very seriously and understand that every patient is different and may need individualized treatment options to correct their sleep apnea. At our practice, we offer continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) alternative treatments like oral sleep appliances to help our patients achieve a restful night’s sleep. We will be sure to find the right treatment for you!

Sleep Apnea Explained

Sleep apnea is a breathing condition that involves airway collapse, causing blood oxygen levels to become depleted. The brain senses this oxygen drop and automatically triggers night-time arousals so that breathing can restart. Unfortunately, this interferes with normal sleep needed to rejuvenate and refresh the body. Breathing airways narrowing and collapsing during sleep leads to snoring and sleep apnea.

Oral Appliance Therapy with Spark Sleep Solutions

At Spark Sleep Solutions, we believe in the use of CPAP alternative treatments like oral sleep appliances because many patients are CPAP intolerant. Oral sleep devices allow for a forward advancement of the jaw in a comfortable, controlled position. This will effectively open the airway of the patient. Studies by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine demonstrated effective treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea with an oral sleep appliance.

Our sleep experts will work with you to find an oral sleep device that works well for you and your unique case of sleep apnea. We offer over 100 different types of devices for sleep apnea treatment, including:

  • Somnomed: Fusion, Avant, Classic, Herbst
  • Prosomnus: Select, CA LP, IA, Herbst
  • TAP Appliances
  • Whole You Appliances
  • Silent Nite
  • VIVOS & Healthy Start Appliances for children, youth and adults
  • Full Breath Appliance
  • Panthera Appliance
  • And Many More!

Contact Spark Sleep Solutions for Oral Appliance Therapy Today!

Whether you are newly diagnosed with sleep apnea or have used a CPAP machine in the past, Spark Sleep Solutions can find an oral device for you. We are conveniently located through the Bay Area, with offices in Santa Cruz / Scotts Valley, San Jose, San Ramon, Los Gatos, El Camino Hospital, and Sunnyvale. Contact us by calling 408-490-0182 or by requesting an appointment online.