What Are Sleep Apnea Devices?

At Spark Sleep Solutions, it is our goal to ensure that all of our patients sleep soundly and comfortably. We strive to work with patients who suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, and orofacial pain and actually resolve their symptoms such as snoring, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, tired, low productivity, What Are Sleep Apnea Devices?headaches, urge to urinate during sleep, disturbed sleep, waking during sleep, acid reflux, weight gain, depression, grinding teeth during sleep (bruxism), TMJ which may present as earaches, and jaw pain. Medical signs may include high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, depression, anxiety, acid reflux (GERD), weight gain, heart disease, stroke, sexual dysfunction, etc. To address these signs and symptoms, we use custom sleep apnea oral devices and individualized treatment plans for every patient. Although CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines are commonly used with sleep apnea, we believe oral appliances may be more comfortable, convenient, and tolerated alternatives for our patients, especially patients who are CPAP intolerable. To conveniently treat our patients, Spark Sleep Solutions has six locations across the Bay Area.

How Do Sleep Apnea Devices Work?

Our sleep experts know that there is a solution for every patient, sometimes you just need options. At Spark Sleep Solutions, we use oral sleep devices to treat sleep apnea because we understand that our patients need a treatment that works for them and fits their needs. Oral sleep devices carefully open your airway by preventing the soft tissues and tongue from collapsing, as is common for sleep apnea patients. Unlike CPAP masks, our oral sleep devices do not require electricity, masks, hoses, filters, or replacement humidifier tanks.

Types of Oral Devices for Sleep Apnea

At Spark Sleep Solutions, we offer over 100 different FDA-approved sleep apnea oral devices, oral appliances, and mouth pieces. It is our mission to find the perfect sleep apnea device for each patient and ensure they have a comfortable night’s sleep. The following oral devices are examples of what we might prescribe to a patient:

  • Somnomed: Avant, Fusion, Classic
  • Prosomnnus
  • Herbst
  • TAP Appliance
  • VIVOS / DNA Therapy
  • Silent Nite
  • Aveo TSD
  • Full Breath Appliance
  • & Many More!

Our sleep experts’ priority is to help patients. You can feel confident that we will find the sleep apnea oral device or mouth piece that will work best for you!

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