Are TMJ and TMD the Same Thing?

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What’s the Difference Between TMJ and TMD?

The simple answer is that they aren’t the same thing, even though the two abbreviations are deceptively similar. TMD refers to the broad range of conditions associated with your temporomandibular joint. TMJ is the abbreviation for that joint. In other words, TMD is the thing causing your pain, and your TMJ is the part that hurts. 

TMJ is the Joint Itself

Your temporomandibular joint is what connects your skull and jawbone. It works a lot like a hinge, allowing your jaw to move up and down smoothly, essential for everyday activities like eating or talking. 

TMDs Are the Disorders

There are over 30 conditions that are classified as TMDs – temporomandibular disorders. The main symptoms are pain, jaw joint dysfunction, and issues with the muscles in charge of moving your jaw. 

TMD comes in many forms. Some of the most common examples are:

  • Myofascial Pain Disorder
  • Internal Derangement of the Joint
  • Degenerative Joint Disease


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