Sleep Hygiene Tips

Sleep hygiene is the little known younger sibling of personal hygiene, but studies are showing that it may be even more important to your well being than other forms of hygiene. Whether you have never heard of sleep hygiene or if you have been looking for ways to improve how you sleep at night, you’ve come to the right place! Spark Sleep Solutions is your local Santa Cruz sleep apnea treatment center, specializing in a range of areas including snoring, insomnia, and general sleep issues. Find out how we can help you get a more restful night’s sleep by improving your sleep hygiene!

What Is Sleep Hygiene

While the term may be unfamiliar to you, chances are you have some experience with practicing sleep hygiene. Do you turn off the lights in your room when you go to sleep? Do you put your phone on silent? Do you close the windows to shut out the sounds of the street? If you do any of the above, then you are already practicing sleep hygiene! Good sleep hygiene is making sure that your environment, mental state, and daily routine are all working together to support restful and restorative sleep. Here at our San Jose sleep apnea solutions center, we know what goes into a good night’s sleep and we have assembled everything we know into this quick guide to sleep hygiene.

The Tenets Of Excellent of Sleep Hygiene

When it comes to feeling energetic and sharp in your daily life, sleeping well is one of the most important things you can do. If you are sleeping through the night but still feel tired during the day, you may be missing an element of good sleep hygiene that is keeping you from getting a truly restful night’s sleep.Here’s some basic practices to improve your sleep hygiene:

  • Be consistent by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, dark, and at a temperature that you are comfortable in
  • Avoid the use of phones, TV, or other bright sources of light before going to bed
  • Give yourself time to process food, alcohol, or caffeine before your bedtime
  • Get exercise to help yourself fall asleep faster
  • Get treatment for snoring, sleep apnea, or insomnia!

Visit Your San Ramon Snoring Treatment Center

Improving your sleep hygiene can work wonders for your daily life, improving your brain function, attentiveness, and physical health but sometimes you need more than sleep hygiene. If you are suffering from severe snoring, sleep apnea, or insomnia, you may need to seek out treatment with a sleep professional. Here at Spark Sleep Solutions, your local San Ramon, Santa Cruz, and San Jose sleep apnea solutions expert, we can help you get a better night’s sleep. With an array of treatment options designed to meet your individual sleep needs, we can develop a custom sleep solution that is bound to help you get a full night’s sleep. Contact Spark Sleep Solutions today to speak with one of our doctors or to schedule a visit to one of our offices. We look forward to hearing from you!