Strengthening Your Tongue For Sleep Apnea and Snoring

If you snore or have sleep apnea; perhaps you use a custom oral appliance or a CPAP machine; and you’re wondering if there’s something else you can do to address your sleep apnea, there is. It’s a tongue strengthening device made possible with use of the ExciteOSA device at Spark Sleep Solutions. Get your prescription for the device from Spark Sleep Solutions at the time of consultation.

Sleep Apnea Solutions in San Ramon

There are over 100 custom made oral device snoring and sleep apnea solutions. Patients may find themselves going through a lengthy trial and error process with a CPAP or BiPAP machine to start, later to realize it does not work for them. If these machines are not for you, other San Ramon sleep apnea solutions can help.

One of those solutions is the ExciteOSA device. This device is designed to strengthen your tongue and oral muscles. When these muscles are stronger, your tongue doesn’t slide backward and block your throat when you sleep. You snore less, and your apneas or hypopneas are fewer at night.

What the Device Does

In terms of snoring treatment from San Ramon, sleep therapists will show you how to use the ExciteOSA in conjunction with specific oral exercises. The therapist makes sure you know how these exercises feel when done correctly and prescribes the frequency in which they should be performed. The ExciteOSA increases the resistance of these exercises to increase oral and tongue strength faster than if the exercises were done alone.

Measuring the Progress of Oral Exercises and Your Sleep Apnea

While patients are hoping that they won’t have to wear a CPAP mask at night anymore, the truth is that they will still have to wear the mask while they are doing the exercise treatment plan. It’s through the mask that the data is collected to see the efficacy of the ExciteOSA device.

Some patients may be so successful in oral exercises and therapy that they can eventually sleep without a CPAP machine. The device can also transmit data to a phone app when the device is synced and in use. The app will let you know if you are doing the exercises correctly.

Changes in Exercises and Treatment Plan

Follow-up visits with the doctor or therapist lead to changes in the exercises you do and the treatment plan. Luckily for you, this snoring treatment in Santa Cruz is expertly managed by Spark Sleep Solutions. Make an appointment today!