Study showing how most Insomnia patients have underlying OSA

Insomnia plagues 10% of the adult population in the U.S. A recent study showed that of those with insomnia, most have underlying obstructive sleep apnea (i.e., OSA). Treating the OSA could lead to better sleep and better sleep hygiene. Spark Sleep Solutions is a leader in current information about OSA and the sleep apnea solutions in Santa Cruz to help you sleep better.

What the Study Had to Say

The study looked at a large number of adults who were diagnosed with insomnia and asked them to participate. The results showed that between 40-60% of these adults had OSA as well as insomnia, which led the researchers to create a new comorbid diagnosis known as COMISA (i.e., Comorbid Insomnia and Sleep Apnea). If you have trouble sleeping, get tested for obstructive sleep apnea to see if you have COMISA. Then schedule an appointment to explore sleep apnea treatments in Santa Cruz for OSA that may simultaneously assist with your insomnia and help you sleep well.

Treatments for OSA

A standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is a CPAP or BiPAP machine. While this may work for some, it may not be ideal for patients who also have insomnia. The hoses and noises may cause someone to stay awake longer. Thankfully other sleep apnea solutions in Santa Cruz may work better than a breathing machine and mask.

Oral devices made and sold by Spark Sleep Solutions are silent, easy to wear at night, and help you breathe freely without obstruction. Every device is custom-made for each patient.

The appliances adjust the position of your jaw opening the airway. When you can breathe, you can focus on breathing. Focusing on controlled breathing is a way to help ease you into sleep and out of a state of insomnia. The appliance helps you stay asleep because your underlying OSA isn’t waking you up several times a night.

Extreme OSA Solution

When an appliance in your mouth doesn’t seem to be working because your insomnia is interfering and the oral appliance is contraindicated for your apnea, jaw surgery might be the only solution. This is a surgical approach that breaks the jaw. It moves the jaw forward to open the airway. Once it heals no device or machine is necessary. You just focus on breathing slowly and deeply to fall asleep.

Other Services Offered By Spark Sleep Solutions

Along with oral devices and OSA treatments, Spark Sleep Solutions offers sleep apnea testing and diagnosis, snoring prevention, orofacial pain and TMJ treatment and management, and patient education about sleep topics of all kinds. You can see and speak to a specialist about your sleep apnea treatment in Santa Cruz and take part in a sleep apnea test to determine if you have underlying sleep apnea affecting your insomnia. Then you meet with a specialist again to determine the best treatment options for your sleep problems.

Discover how much better you could be sleeping when all of your conditions are treated together. That’s what Spark Sleep Solutions attempts to do. Make an appointment today.