What Happens When You Don’t Treat Sleep Apnea?

Here at Spark Sleep Solutions, we want to ensure that our patients across the San Jose, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, and Ran Ramon areas are aware of the far-reaching impact conditions like sleep apnea can have on their lives. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and we’ve broken down an overview of what happens when you don’t treat sleep apnea below.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Simply put, sleep apnea is a condition where there is some sort of blockage of a patient’s airway while they sleep. Spark Sleep Solutions offers multiple options for diagnosing sleep apnea in the most effective and convenient way possible for our patients. Whether you choose an at-home or in-lab sleep study, know that our team is here for you.

What Are The Dangers Of Sleep Apnea?

At it’s tamest, sleep apnea may simply be a slight annoyance, but sleep apnea rarely resolves itself on its own and will lead to a severely reduced quality of sleep. Patients often notice the impacts of sleep apnea in the rest of their lives through signs like an increase in headaches, exhaustion, snoring, emotional instability, and similar traits. These factors can be detrimental to critical parts of a patient’s daily life, like interpersonal relationships and driving capabilities.

How Can Sleep Apnea Escalate?

The symptoms we listed above can lead directly or indirectly to cases of depression, increased likelihood of heart diseases/stroke, type 2 diabetes, and related conditions. Approximately 38,000 deaths are caused each year by sleep apnea. Don’t wait for more severe risks to show up. Reach out to a sleep specialist as soon as possible!

What are my treatment options for Sleep Apnea?

Spark Sleep Solutions knows that individual patients have individual needs and preferences when it comes to treatment, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of treatment options to take care of you. In addition to both CPAP and portable oral appliance options, we offer surgical sleep apnea treatment to our patients from the Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Ramon, and Los Gatos greater areas.

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